Harassment in the workplace is unwelcome and illegal behavior. because it creates a “hostile work environment”  A single harassment lawsuit can cost a company millions of dollars in legal and compensation costs.  Harassment also damages a company’s reputation and credibility and; hurts employee morale.

Often, behavior that is considered to be “harassment” continues to occur because the harasser has not been made aware how his/her behavior is affecting others. Unfortunately, people rarely receive coaching on how to address this type of discrimination in the workplace. Experts have noted that harassment starts off in a very mild form and escalates because the harasser assumed there was no objection.

The purpose of this workshop is to teach the participants the definitions of workplace harassment and to avoid harassment as a result of learning  the norms of acceptable workplace behavior.


In this workshop the participants will learn:

  • Definition and Examples of Harassment in the Workplace
  • The Emotional, Legal and Financial Impact of Harassment
  • Reporting Harassment to Human Resources
  • EEOC –  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Preventive Action
  • Handling Harassment Complaints