Customers  drive and grow our business.   Much too often customers feel unwanted due to poor service and lack of appreciation, courtesy and respect.  A customer wants answers that are useful and relevant.  Providing excellent customer satisfaction is a skill that must be applied on a constant and regular basis.

Service providers must learn the skills that lead to successful customer experiences and apply the “human touch” with every single customer interaction.

What do Customers Want?

  • They want to know that you care about them
  • They want you to make them feel special
  • They want to feel that they are valuable
  • They want to be treated with respect
  • They want answers that will resolve their immediate issues

In order to satisfy and retain customers, service providers must deliver the type of excellent service that results in a positive and memorable customer experience.


In this workshop the participants will learn:

  • Barriers to internal customer satisfaction
  • Customer service principles
  • Managing Angry Customers
  • Case studies
  • Exercises Designed to Improve Customer Service Skills