Since 1992, IB Communication Skills has designed and delivered leadership skills training that is targeted to the learning needs of Team Leaders, Supervisors and Front Line employees. The practical, hands-on training programs are experientially based and they are designed to provide the employees with the skills they need to solve workplace problems, as well as  develop effective communication and interpersonal skills.

In a successful organization, team leaders know how to delegate effectively, define responsibilities, establish trust and be a source of support for the team members. In order to be effective, team leaders need to manage their day-to-day issues and challenges through a process based system that is consistent and reliable. Team members also need to learn how to interact with each other, respect individual contributions and efforts as well as develop the skills that lead to continuous improvement in the workplace.

Providing training is much more than the process of delivering information. Effective training occurs when the facilitator is able to make a human connection with the participants and motivate them to learn the new skills and apply them consistently in their everyday workplace situations.  Often, training falls short of its desired objectives because it is based on delivering enormous amounts of content while not enough time is devoted to practicing and rehearsing the new skills.  

At IB Communication Skills, we believe that training is most effective when the participants have an opportunity to practice the skills repeatedly.  When the participants have an opportunity to become familiar and comfortable enough to apply the process-based skills, they are able to employ the tools that lead to workplace success.